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silent_embers's Journal

All things faerie.
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Welcome to Sweet Embers! This community was created on July 22,2004 out of my love and intrest for faeries. In this community you may post pictures, links, art, stories, or anything else intresting. But all I ask of you is to be polite to each other. Also please help to promote the community to other faerie lovers! Good day to you all.

(into the forest)
enchantedfairywings.com Has a beautiful assortment of faerie wings, head peices, wands, and costumes! They also have angel wings and costumes as well! Although the wings are very expensive they seem to be worth the buy.

Find your fairy name Enter your first and last name and your beautiful fariy name will appear! It will give you a sort of poem on where you live and when you appear. For example., my fairy name is Fire Elffilter and "She is a cheerful sprite, She lives where fireflies mate and breed, She is only seen on midsummer's eve." It's as simple as a kiss.

anniescostumes.com This site has a small section of wings but very cheap. They have a few pairs that I think are lovely and cost as low as $9! Although this site has other links to full on costumes I have directed the link straight to the wings section.

Make your own faerie wings Don't have the money to buy expensive wings yet? Create your own! With a few supplies and some love you'll have your own pair of wings in no time!

Faerie wings and things Wonderful site with pixi horns, faerie wings, headpeices, and jewelry! They also have a shoppe on the site that has cute little things like pixi dust and wands!

efairies.com Lovely site with things from various artists. This is basically an online store with videos, paintings, collectables, garden supplies, and more! Everything is very well priced. I recomend you take a peep at it.